Justia Logo Basics

The official Justia logo is white text within a Justia Blue field. It should be used on a white background whenever possible.

Justia Logo Variations

While the official, two-color Justia logo is the preferred logo and should be used whenever possible, the following variations are permissible in circumstances where it is not feasible to use the official logo for design reasons. Please do not recreate the logo. Only use the artwork provided.

Monochromatic Justia Reversed Justia Reversed Monochromatic Justia
Logo Construction

The size of the ā€œXā€ is based on the width of the letter ā€œIā€ from the logo. This ensures that the distinctive components of the logo (padding, spacing between letters, and rounded corners) are proportional no matter its size or metric system.

The width of each letter is defined by the typeface (Gotham Bold).

Logo Construction Clear Space

To ensure the consistency and visibility of the logo, it should be surrounded by clear space. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this area.

Logo clear space Sizing

To ensure the logo is always clear and legible, there is a minimum size requirement. Its minimum height is 0.34" in print, or 25px on screen.

Logo sizing
Background Colors & Photos

Ideally, the logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. When this is not possible, be sure to choose background colors or photos that provide sufficient contrast with the logo.

Over white background
Over Justia Blue background
Over photography background
Over color background