Justia 20th Anniversary Logo

Logo Basics

The logo has the signature Justia Blue and light blue as accent colors and should be used over a white background whenever possible.

Justia 20th Anniversary Logo Variations Logo With Slogan Variation

This variation of the Justia 20th Anniversary logo integrates the slogan and is permitted in situations where we want to include the slogan in our communication efforts.

Justia 20th Anniversary - Slogan Variation Horizontal Variation

Horizontal variation is permitted when it is not feasible to use the official logo for design and spacing reasons. This graphic arrangement is intended for use in headers or other graphics where a variation is required for readability purposes.

Justia 20th Anniversary, Horizontal Variation
Construction & Clear Space

The protected area established to regulate the space must be equivalent to the height of the base of the two, giving it the value of X. This is done to ensure the proportions of the logo (paddings, spacing between letters, and round corners) remain the same regardless of its size and measurements (pixels, inches, centimeters).

Logo clear space Sizing

The minimum height for the logo is 0.34" in print or 40 px on screen to ensure it is always clear and legible.

Logo clear space
Background Colors

Ideally, the Justia 20th Anniversary logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. Where this is not possible, the chosen background colors must provide sufficient contrast to the logo.

Over white background
Over Justia Blue background
Over photography background
Over color background